Table Lamp

Woods: Pacific Maple, California Walnut

Product notes: The design of this lamp is based on the Banner sconce. The shade of the lamp is made from bookmatched veneers which originate from one piece of wood. This technique makes for uniform grain and color, impossible to acheive any other way.

The standard lamp comes with a 60 watt (maximum wattage) incandescent bulb and a gold cord with a black on/off cord switch. An option is a flourescent bulb. Another option is a cord with an on/off/dimmer switch, however, this only works with the incandescent bulb. Other woods are available - ask to see our wood samples.

Personal Notes: This piece was actually inspired by a customer. She loved the Banner sconce and wanted some for her dining room, but she also needed a chandelier. She asked if I could make a chandelier of the same design. My first thought was that it was impossible, but I like a challenge, so I tried it. She did get her chandelier, which I've added to my line, and this lamp came out of the process of designing the chandelier.

Height: 19"     Width: 10"     Length: 16"     $1550.00


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